our Team

Rev. Kevin Merriman  --
Received the Holy Ghost at 5 years old, baptized in Jesus name at 6 years old.  Has been involved in  Children's Ministry for over 40 years,   Was Children's Pastor at Eastwood under Bishop Murrell Ewing, and now Pastor Lopez from 1998 thru 2023.  Holds Ordination with UPCI.

Kathy Merriman  --
Started by riding the church bus to Sunday School,  received the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name at the age of 8 years old.  Married Kevin in 1987, and has been involved in Children's Ministry ever since.

Brianna Merriman  -- 15 yr old daughter 

God is using Brianna beautifully as part of our team, as He has given her such a loving and helpful spirit!   Brianna received the Holy Ghost a couple months before her 5th birthday, baptized in Jesus Name at 6!